Coach Sweeney Training


Each session includes a skills assessment, goal prioritization, and ability development. Most skills require follow up and additional sessions. When you train with Coach Sweeney you get his undivided attention, sessions are filled with instruction, examples, and encouragement.


Learn to take players on in 1v1 settings. Learn the technical skills to “be in charge of the ball.” Learn to shoot the ball so that goalies all over the world moan in frustration when you get out of bed!  I guarantee if your child will follow my instruction and combine it with personal practice, they will improve.

1v1 U11 girls

Group Size

One Session

Ten Sessions


Small Group (2-3 Players)

Team (4+ Players)

$25 / Session

$20 / Session

$100 / Session

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$20 / Session

$18 / Session

$90 / Session

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*Sessions are 1 hour in length
**Team training 1.5 hours in length

*** Ten sessions would be paid up front