27 Sep It’s Not a Choice

No young athlete has ever had to choose between playing high school soccer or college. Ever. Never, ever. You know why? Because the two experiences don't happen at the same time! It is a complete fallacy, falsehood, or myth, to believe otherwise. So where did this myth start? Club soccer, and it's been perpetuated by US Soccer, but it's time they both quit telling players that it is a choice. It's not. Here is the interesting part the *numbers prove it. There is NO evidence that not playing high school soccer increases your chances of playing at the college level. But you don't have to take my word for it. Just read below or follow this link.
  • *Since the DA started in 2007 less than 100 players have moved on to play MLS.
  • *In 2015 only 357 DA players signed with colleges and not all were D1.
  • US DA does not guarantee a college scholarship.
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21 Jun Division 1 Dead Period Change

NCAA division 1 soccer has made a change and it will affect you even thou you don’t play division 1 soccer. They have introduced a “dead period” between December 15 and January 5 in which no recruiting can take place. Apparently, it was just too demanding to give up their holiday time with their families. The biggest changes are to the Disney Showcase and ECNL Showcase. Instead of the Disney showcase, January 1-3 like it was planned, it now will be during Thanksgiving! (Oh, that’s much better. Thanks NCAA for the help, kinda.) The ECNL Showcase is now Jan 6-8... Great. This does not affect other divisions of soccer.
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06 Apr Is Club Soccer A Cult?

Over the years that I have been coaching, I have noticed an unhealthy side of the game that if you are not careful you will fall into. The unhealthy side of the game I am referring to is the cult-like decisions that otherwise normal parents will make for the game. I even found myself falling into it on the coaching side. Forgive me a little story...
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11 Mar The Right Club?

If you haven't read this post start there. It's that time of year when everyone starts to think about club tryouts. Will you stay? Will you go? What changes has the club made that you liked or didn't like? Is your coach staying? Are your teammates staying, where will they be trying out? There are lots to consider, so I have boiled it down to different areas to consider.
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24 Feb Should you play club if you don’t want to play in college?

I was having a conversation with a young lady on my high school team the other day. It had occurred to her that she may not be all that interested in playing in college. She was finding the club schedule very demanding and questioning why she was working so hard if she didn't want to play at the next level anyway. Thus the question, should you continue to play club if you are not interested in playing in college?
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23 Feb “The club structure is … a primary cause of injuries.”

There is an epidemic of female sports related injuries in the United States. This article from the New York Times does a great job explaining why. But have you ever considered that club soccer is a primary cause for the rise? Here are a few quotes from the article. "The club structure is the driving force behind the trend toward early specialization in one sport — and, by extension, a primary cause of injuries."
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20 Jan The Best Kept Secrete In College Soccer

If you have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, you know who John Nash is. If not, read this. John was most famous for his work in game theory, it actually won him a Nobel prize in 1994 when he wrote about Nash Equilibrium. The theory is long (28 pages) and complicated, but the movie does an okay job explaining it. (If you want to see a clip explaining it go here. And if you want the rest of this post to make sense, you need to watch it.)  While this is not exactly what Nash Equilibrium is (Hollywood took some liberties explaining it) it is a great example of game theory and the dilemma each young athlete faces when choosing a college.
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