21 Jun Division 1 Dead Period Change

NCAA division 1 soccer has made a change and it will affect you even thou you don’t play division 1 soccer. They have introduced a “dead period” between December 15 and January 5 in which no recruiting can take place. Apparently, it was just too demanding to give up their holiday time with their families. The biggest changes are to the Disney Showcase and ECNL Showcase. Instead of the Disney showcase, January 1-3 like it was planned, it now will be during Thanksgiving! (Oh, that’s much better. Thanks NCAA for the help, kinda.) The ECNL Showcase is now Jan 6-8... Great. This does not affect other divisions of soccer.
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20 May 1% of College Athletes Go Pro.

21% of Division I male athletes want to turn pro. 1% of college athletes go on to play at the professional level. 36% of college athletes expect to become a millionaire in their lifetime - not necessarily through athletics. 72% of college athletes expect to owe student loan debt when they graduate. 47% of athletes expect to carry credit-card debt upon graduation. 60% of college athletes have begun planning their financial future. 32% of volleyball players use a financial adviser. 16% of football players use an adviser. Way more stats found here: Source: The Hartford Financial Game Plan Survey
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