08 Jun Women’s World Cup

The women's world cup has begun. So far I have seen most of all 4 games including a convincing win from Germany. Check out all the latest from the world cup here. My whole life I have been a huge fan of international soccer. Even more than club. (okay, way more than club.) I mean club is cool, but playing for your country is the coolest. In fact, my dream vacation or my "make a wish" would be to practice with the guys on the world cup team. I don't even have to play a game with them, just being on the practice field would be enough. It doesn't matter men or women if you put on the USA jersey I'm watching the game.
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Regional Team

03 Jun Districts

There is no time of year more exciting for a coach then when his team enters play-offs. This year was no different. We began the season with a team meeting where we set some goals we wanted to accomplish as a team.

  1. 101 Goals
  2. District Champions
  3. Advance in Regionals

In this article from the Ledger we accomplish goal number one.

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