Author: Jacob Sweeney

08 Jul 1 on 1 training

There are 3 basic ways to train. First, you can train with your team usually, this happens 2-3 times a week. Second, you can train by yourself, this should happen daily if you have big goals for yourself (starting for a High School team) or 2-3 times a week if you just enjoy playing. Third, you can train privately with a coach in a one on one setting. I believe this is an important part of your training routine. The one on one session can provide the direct feed back on simple mistakes that you maybe making. To see the best results from one on one sessions they must be regular!
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26 Jun Forwards Make Runs

Forwards need to make their runs before the ball is passed, but they must stay on sides too. Here is a great example of how to make the forward runs! Here is another good run from our own Amy Rodrigues.  Notice how in both situations the run starts before the pass. This is key to every good run. Forward should NOT stand like the are about to start a race, they need to start the horizontal run before they go forward.
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19 Jun End Line Cross

At a recent practice I tried to teach the girls about the end line cross. The practice started with a little power fitness, then crossing and finishing. I love to find videos that show what we are learning in a game setting. This is a good example of the end line cross by Spain. Plus, here is another example by Sweden. And another example by Japan.
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16 Jun Heart of a Teacher

One of my favorite radio personalities is Dave Ramsey. Dave has a line he uses on his show, he uses it when counseling his callers about the realtors, tax professionals, insurance reps or investment advisors they should be using. He tells them when choosing a professional to look for one with the heart of a teacher.  The idea is, when his callers want to know who to use for some of the biggest decisions in their lives, he wants them to use professionals who will have the callers best interest in mind. The kind of professional who will teach, explain, work with, direct and help. This kind of professional will not put their personal commissions a head of the clients financial growth.
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08 Jun Club Soccer Marketing 101

  We all know drinking a Coke unlocks fun. Seriously, pop open a can of Coke and music begins to play, we all begin to dance, smile and sing. When you pop open a Coke even a boring desk job becomes fun. Don't believe me? Check it out. Disney. (Don't get me started here) Disney is the happiest place on earth, "it's the good life" the place where dreams come true! Don't believe me, look here. In both these examples we are being fed by the marketing machine. The best and brightest minds in the world put these marketing campaigns together to make you believe that Coke makes you happy and Disney is the good life and they are very convincing. However, we know the reality of drinking a Coke is a caffeine crash and Disney is long, hot lines. Truth is, I have nothing against Coke or Disney, but I can recognize the difference between a marketing campaign and reality.
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10000 slide

08 Jun Competitive AND High School! Part 1

For years there has been a debate about what is more important club or high school. As a club and high school coach I see both sides of the debate here, but I think this is a silly debate because it overlooks the research (coaches are notorious for going on hunches and not on research, which is why the book Moneyball was so innovative.) These days it's not competitive OR high school, it's competitive AND high school. With the increasing levels of play within the United States, high school teams are to the point that if you don't play competitively you may not make the team and starting is out of the question. Further, you will limit your college opportunities without the added practice and play that comes from playing for both teams!
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